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Guitar Chords

Playing the guitar is a great way to express yourself and connect with others. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced musician, there are always new songs to learn and new techniques to master. One song that is particularly popular among guitar players is “Grow As We Go” by Ben Platt. In this article, we will provide you with easy guitar chords for “Grow As We Go” that you can learn in no time.

What are Guitar Chords?

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Guitar chords are a combination of two or more notes played together. They make up the backbone of most popular songs and are essential for any guitar player to learn. To play a chord on the guitar, you need to place your fingers on specific frets of the guitar neck and strum the strings with your other hand. Each chord has a unique sound and can be used to create different moods and emotions in a song.

Easy Guitar Chords for “Grow As We Go”

Grow As We Go Guitar Chords

Now, let’s take a look at the easy guitar chords for “Grow As We Go” by Ben Platt. The song is played in the key of C, which means that most of the chords are easy to play and require only a few fingers. Here are the chords:

Verse 1:

C, F, Am, G


C, F, Am, G

Verse 2:

C, F, Am, G


C, F, Am, G

As you can see, the chords for “Grow As We Go” are relatively simple and easy to memorize. You can practice them by playing along with the song or using a guitar chord chart to help you remember the finger positions.

Tips for Learning Guitar Chords

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Learning guitar chords can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner. However, with consistent practice and dedication, you can improve your skills and become a great guitar player. Here are some tips to help you learn guitar chords:

  • Start with easy chords: If you are a beginner, start with easy chords like C, G, and D. These chords are commonly used in many songs and will help you build your finger strength and dexterity.
  • Practice regularly: Consistent practice is the key to mastering guitar chords. Set aside a few minutes each day to practice and try to increase your practice time gradually.
  • Use a metronome: A metronome is a device that helps you keep time while playing music. Using a metronome can improve your timing and make your playing sound more polished.
  • Try different strumming patterns: Strumming patterns can add texture and rhythm to your playing. Experiment with different strumming patterns to find the ones that work best for each song.
  • Take lessons: If you are struggling to learn guitar chords on your own, consider taking lessons from a professional guitar teacher. A teacher can provide personalized guidance and help you overcome any obstacles you may be facing.


Learning guitar chords is an essential part of becoming a great guitar player. With the easy guitar chords for “Grow As We Go” provided in this article and the tips for learning guitar chords, you can start playing this beautiful song and improve your skills as a musician. Remember to practice regularly, be patient with yourself, and have fun!

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